Behavior Wellness Resources

The founder's guiding principles and philosophies for the company

  • Make sure the men and women who have been hired into the "best job in the world," continue to think that throughout their career (enjoy their last year as much as their first)
  • To lose an employee who once thought they had the "best job in the world," due to a stressful event or accumulation of stressful situations, should be unacceptable
  • Create a "Culture" (embraced from the top of the organization to the bottom) that supports;
    • We work in high stress occupations
    • We hire human beings, and sometimes humans get overwhelmed
    • It's okay to say "that one got to me," and then a system is in place to assist this individual
    • Being overwhelmed IS NOT a sign of weakness or that you chose the wrong career…It's a sign of being human!

The company, Behavioral Wellness Resources,

is a progression from the "Scenes of Compassion" program created in 1995 by the company's founder and CEO, Capt. Tim W. Dietz, EMT-P (retired). Tim recognized the impact stressful events had on human beings at tragic scenes, and his book "Scenes of Compassion, a Responder's Guide for Dealing with Emergency Scene Emotional Crisis" has gained international attention as "the field guide" for assisting humans through emotional crisis. Tim took these principles into the first responder work setting as a foundation to understand the impact of stressful events on the responder. Tim then began building upon this "foundation" by gaining extensive experience working with first responders in their treatment and recovery of Acute and Chronic stressors, including Post Traumatic Stress Injury, and assisting first response organizations in their recovery of overwhelming, traumatic events.

Behavioral Wellness Resources is a company that specializes in emergency responder behavioral health needs via education, professional counseling and setting up workplace behavioral health programs. The intent of Behavioral Wellness Resources is to train organizations how to take care of themselves, and assist in the development of resources should an organizational crisis occur. In a nutshell, tohave emergency responders enjoy their last years in the "service" as much as their first!

The company is designed and dedicated to workplace stress recognition and reduction. The internationally recognized programs, custom designed for individual organizational needs, create stress awareness, build organization and responder stress resistance and resiliency, and help responders and organizations in recovery from overwhelming events.

The programs, developed by a career firefighter who dedicated his career to keeping emergency responders healthy and happy in their high stress occupations, have seen great success in both the public and private sector. From key note presentations addressing organizational change, workplace stress and emergency scene compassion, to meeting your behavioral wellness goals through organizational response, recovery and success following crisis events, our goal is to meet the individual organizational needs and keep them operational.

We can develop internal "response teams" by training responders and other peers to assist co-workers through emotionally powerful events, addictive disorders, or other high stress events, and help provide for continued resources through the training of local mental health professionals and/or Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).

Behavioral Wellness Resources also responds to organizational/community crisis and offers trained mental health professionals and "Peers" to facilitate recovery from overwhelming events. Take a look at what we offer, and feel free to contact us to see how we can assist!