Tim’s Firefighter Suicide Article in “B” Shifter Magazine Winter 2014, Volume 4, Issue 1

Scenes of Compassion
A Responders Guide for Dealing with Emergency Scene Emotional Crisis
2nd edition

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This book will offer the education and insight to become aware of the tremendous impact we have during even the most brief encounter with people going through significant emotional events, and will offer simple tools for scene compassion without becoming "too wrapped up in someone else's emotions." On the contrary, you will come away from even the most tragic scene with the knowledge and sense that you did the right thing.

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What others are saying...

In Scenes of Compassion author Tim Dietz clearly and concisely describes the benefits of emergency scene compassion for victims, survivors and first responders. What is said or not said during those initial critical moments has a lasting impact on victims and survivors. Not being adequately prepared to handle these difficult situations could contribute to the development of Compassion Fatigue. Practical skill building and self-care topics are woven throughout the book. Scenes of Compassion bridges the gap between technical skill and the human connection of helping others under stressful conditions. It should be mandatory reading for every student in an EMS program and is a great resource for all first responders.
- Laura Wisniewski RN CSMC