Behavioral Wellness Resources works hard with organizations to create a "Culture" that understands and supports the notion that we hire human beings, and sometimes human beings can get overwhelmed!

By providing education and training to organizations, and their responders, on the impact of working in a stressful career and offering tools for stress resistance, stress resilience, and stress recovery, we create this "Culture" resulting in happy, healthy and productive emergency workers.

We also educate on and provide tools for self-care and adjustment to change, create and maintain organizational internal "Peer" teams, establish behavioral wellness programs including operational guidelines, and offer counseling to individuals as needed. It can all be found here.

Behavioral Wellness Resources also responds across the nation to the needs of communities, organizations, and individuals to assist in their recovery from overwhelming events. We can assist state and local resources or organizations in the management of disaster or workplace mental health response and provide specially trained mental health professionals and peer counselors to work with organizations and individuals in their recovery.

The intent of Behavioral Wellness Resources is to create organizational/responder resistance, enhance resilience, and aid organizations and individuals in recovery from work and life stressors.